thelittlemage-arts: responsibility rests on your shoulders…


responsibility rests on your shoulders young man. 

Tarrah, the love child of zavala and a civilian named Cay. has a lot of emotional baggage. and for some reason now he’s the speaker. it was a joke. but then i drew this, and now i really like the idea of this young man being the speaker. 

Background was taken by my friend @destinyscreenshots 

Dreaming City, Font of Starlight

Tower during Festival of the Lost

Annex, the Tower

sketchmatters: This is actually a piece I wanted to draw back…

Queen’s Court, Unknown Space

Tangled Shore, The WatchtowerShots 1-8 are from the Nothing Left…

sketchmatters: Studies of screenshots from Destiny 1 &…

Io, Grove of Ulan-TanFrom the Whisper mission

Mars, Braytech Futurescape

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