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Sonamy comic (part 1)

 ( i don’t know what writting ^v^’ but you can imagine, no?)

What I read:

“Wow, Sonic! You got us here just in time! Right before the sun went down!” – Amy

“Kyaahh!!! This is the best! What’s the occasion? You’re being awfully thoughtful lately~”

“Heh… I figured… you’ve been working too hard. Just need… a bit of a break from all this… stress you’ve been putting on yourself.” -Sonic (trying to stay awake)

“Oh no! Not at all! Working hard is something I enjoy doing for you-and everyone-Sonic! It fulfills me to be able to lighten your burden and-” -Amy

“Oh! What am I saying? You’re amazing! You work so hard! How could I just stand around doing nothing? This is so sweet of you Sonic, I could even be proposed too and-!”

-Realizes he’s asleep-

“Uhh… he’s asleep.” -Amy

“Did I really talk that much..?”

“He’s been working so hard lately… I guess this was his way of taking a breather… I’m just… so glad he chose to take it with me. Oh, Sonic… Sleep well~<3”

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH YES!!!!!! IT’S PERFECT!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! @cutegirlmayra ♡♡♡♡♡