Panoptes, from the Omega missionWas well worth doing the final…

Panoptes, from the Omega mission

Was well worth doing the final battle solo with my hud off to get these shots! Very happy with them, especially the first one – it’s up there in my top 3 favourite shots I’ve ever taken!

European Dead Zone, Maevic SquareFrom A Deadly Trial mission

European Dead Zone, Hangman’s PassFrom A Deadly Trial mission

Panorama of the Leviathan, EmbarkmentFrom the Leviathan raid

Panorama of the Leviathan, EmarkmentFrom the Leviathan raid

Leviathan, EmbarkmentFrom the Leviathan raid

Io, Grove of Ulan-Tan

Panorama of Mercury, Simulant PastFrom A Garden World mission

Nessus, Pools of Luminance

Titan, Tidal Anchor

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