montagnemain23: littlered-ria:@montagnemain23 @littlered-ria…




@littlered-ria Don’t think I won’t dome you if you’re another shield op and don’t utilize my protection

jynxwashere: justjaaaay: Rainbow Six Siege: Blitz Elite…

spacecreatorart:Chibi commission for @ee-vvaa  :)


assassinwoofsart: Commission done for @ kosmkin on Twitter! Blushing bandito is best bandito

lion-and-his-scooter: Its there! BLITZ ELITE!

kapcan: Iq and Castle for @tsarethanCastle needs MORE LOVE IN THIS FANDOM GODDAMMIT.

tellmeonemore: Did i tell you i’m playing Rainbow 6 Siege these…

pisamak: dunno how to explain

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