kiryukazumas:“You may be destined to become the hero of legend…


“You may be destined to become the hero of legend but your current
power would disgrace the proud green of the hero’s tunic you wear.
You must use your courage to seek power and find it you must. Only then will you become the hero for whom this world despairs.
If you do find true courage, and you wish to save Hyrule from
the horrors it now faces… Then you will be worthy to receive the
secrets l hold!”

mishhe-kht:#inktober day 1 – ruins of the wild

oiichyo:i love teba!!! for @artofthewild zine

captainjellie:Satori Mountain


konradwerks: Phew! Here it is folks, cobbled together from two…

leelingart: another zelink redraw, and the part 2 to this!

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