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Hey guys!!! Something unexpectedly came up and I’m in the need of some quick cash!

I’ll be opening 4 slots of $25 colored Busts like the two shown above.

Payment will be upfront through PayPal


  • 1 colored bust w/ a flat colored background will be $25
  • If you would like a second character it will be an additional $15 
  • I will draw any character as long as its not a furry or mecha (because I’m just not good at either of those) 
  • I will also draw your OC as long as you provide me with reference images!

preferred method of contacting me about commissions is through my email: theatomicry@gmail.com 

I will be editing this post to show how many slots I have open. I will also update if my commissions are closed so please check back if you are curious.

  • Slot 1: Closed
  • Slot 2: open
  • Slot 3: open
  • Slot 4: open

Feel free to message me here if you have any quick questions! 

If you cannot afford commissions reblogs help tremendously!! I also have a Ko-Fi if you would like to donate and help in any way possible.

Ko-fi: Click for link

Thank you so much!

Still have 3 slots open!!!

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