I’m sorry if I bother you, but my friend is a big legend of Zelda fan, and her birthday is coming up. I wanted to make her something legend of zelda related. She told me that (in breath of the wild) there are fairies that help you with cooking and can bring you back to life. Do you see them in game or not? I can’t find any pictures of them. If they do appear, could you maybe post a screenshot of them? So I could maybe draw them? You really don’t have to if it takes a lot of effort.

They are in the game and mostly found around the Great Fairy Fountains. When Link dies it’ll restore 5 hearts and bring him back to life.


The 4 Great Fairy Fountains can be found in various places threw out the game. The fairies will can be found around the pods that the Great Fairies are in.


You can also cook them in a meal and make a Fairy Tonic to give you more hearts. If you do make a Fairy Tonic keep in mind that if you die it will not bring you back to life so keep an eye on your hearts.

I hope this helps.
Also it’s not a problem. That’s what we’re here for! ^-^

~ Alex

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