ghoulhugs: I re-did my base!  The entire time I was building the…


I re-did my base!  The entire time I was building the walls, this went through my head:

I built it up like this because Murgle kept dying to random monsters that would come into my camp.  I was hoping this would save him from danger.  Unfortunately, sometimes he likes to teleport outside the wall, so I had to keep one little weakness in the fortification just for him – 

Still, I stood there and watched as he randomly fell over dead with nothing even touching him, so I’m guessing there must be some bug that Bethesda has going on with him :/  Oh well – he always re-spawns and he doesn’t die too often, so I just try to pretend he flopped over to take a long cat nap.  He’s still worth having a base nearby because KITTY.

Also, I didn’t know that I could spawn a brahmin in my camp 😮 !!!  Kitty now has a friend! <3

Yeah, I guess it is pretty impressive.

Right in the ribcage

Told you, I’m the old synth on the mountain

I’m gonna be real mad if this turns out to be one big Jet…

You know, we figure out how to turn you Ghoul, we could do this…

Avery and the others are just doing their jobs, but…

This isn’t safe at all. We need to find some cover as soon…

Are things alright between us?

Ready to talk? How’d you find me down in that old Vault?

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