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If there’s one other thing I like, and what I thought the SA2 adaption arc in Sonic X did better than the source material, aside from Chris being the one to give Shadow the talk(I’m not sorry, he did it better than Amy! Get over it!), it was showing how the people who took part in the ARK raid- specifically the very guy who shot and killed Maria- were not just nameless faces who got a kick out of murdering people just because.

It’s the complete opposite. They were just normal people who joined GUN with good intentions, but they didn’t realize the very military power they had joined was actually corrupt until they were put into a situation where they themselves couldn’t back out of, without being the very real possibility of being offed themselves in order for GUN to keep the whole thing hush-hush. Even years later, the guy still feels very guilty over what he did.

Knowing that’s the real story… how the Hell Shadow’s memories fits in all this?!

I don’t think this was an error in the adaptation…

Let’s remember Shadow’s mind can be manipulated

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Sonic gender 💕

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