dude i really love your characters and i love how they look so different than peoples ocs on here. ive been trying to make a new character look different but she always looks BASIC??? do you have any tips on character creation

Hi! I’ve been putting off replying to this because I wanted to make sure I didnt sound like a complete twat when I did, so I kept changing what I wanted to say. Also, you sent this just as I was looking at my two Fallout mains and thinking that they actually look so f*cking similar, even though they are like 5 skin tones apart and one is meant to look about ten years older than the other, I mean, look at these two idiots:

Okay, so, thanks so much for saying so, and I’m not expert but here’s my two sense on character creators: 

Don’t be afraid to make them look a bit weird because to me, that’s where the beautiful people tend to be! My mum works in fashion, not like high end super stuff, but fashion non-the-less, so there was a lot of fashion magazines around when I was growing up. And this isnt some, ‘my mum gave me body issues thing’ it’s just a: I spent along time staring at super models and realising that beautiful and pretty where two different things thing. 

Pretty (to me) is: traditional and safe and lovely, with features most commonly associated with someone being…good looking.

Beautiful on the other hand…well, what I liked about the super models is that they are super weird looking, (seriously, you ever seen one irl, strange looking beings) BUT they are so striking and they stand out and are unique, they are pretty strange, almost alien, but to me, that unusual-ness is what is the definition of beautiful. 

I LOVE character creation in games, and so thats what I have in mind when making ocs, whether it Dragon Age, Skyrim, Fallout or hell, even Pokemon, just try and make them stand out just a little bit, don’t be afraid to have some weirdos, experiment and make them look a bit strange. To be honest, I think Wendy looks a bit like a frog, and Felix, a rat. But I love that about them

And anyway, you should see some of the screenshots I dont upload, seriously they aint all winners…


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