disgruntledlungfish: >Create character>Leave vault>Instantly get sniped by fortnite player…


>Create character
>Leave vault
>Instantly get sniped by fortnite player from nearby radio tower
>frantically sprint to nearest cover
>Build small house
>Power armor wearing player with rocket launcher stomps up
>Emote peace sign to show I mean no harm
>He stomps me to death and dance emotes
>rebuild small house in extremely remote location
>Get nuked by youtube streamer
>Such is life in the Blue Ridge Mountains

I couldn’t let them do it to you anymore. We were the only two…

I found the murder weapon

A battle memorial to the fallen. We should observe a moment of…

I actually started crying when it started showing off the landscapes like what is wrong with me…

ALso, What the fuck is that??????

So, on the left is from the Fallout 76 E3 trailer, and the right…

lesbomutual:literally what the fuck

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