disgruntledlungfish: >Create character>Leave vault>Instantly get sniped by fortnite player…


>Create character
>Leave vault
>Instantly get sniped by fortnite player from nearby radio tower
>frantically sprint to nearest cover
>Build small house
>Power armor wearing player with rocket launcher stomps up
>Emote peace sign to show I mean no harm
>He stomps me to death and dance emotes
>rebuild small house in extremely remote location
>Get nuked by youtube streamer
>Such is life in the Blue Ridge Mountains

thewattz3thousand: 76 Looks pretty good, but likeHow do the…

My Nuka-World town settlement

Your thoughts?

There it is. Pretty impressive, huh? Its real name is Fort…

You got guts wearing that Pip-Boy in the Commonwealth. I can’t…

Have you ever noticed that  the vault-tec lunch boxes have…

The Castle is underrated, it’s got great lighting 

I love this game

The Guardian Beacon

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