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I decided to post a bunch of Steven Universe styled hands because why not. I love helping young/beginner artists in any way that I can. I used to be HORRIBLE at hands but I truly studied the SU style so much over the past two years! Hands are awful and to this day, I still struggle sometimes! It’s a matter of patience! 

In order of photo:

*Stocky and Beefy Characters (Quartzes, Agates, Jasper and Defective Quartz Gems) This also applies to Rubies. They have sorter fingers, like defective quartzes!

*Skinny Characters (Pearls, Lapises, Rutiles, etc.) Diamonds can fall in this category as well. It depends on the personality of the Diamond.  

*Smaller Characters (Peridots, Sapphires, Aquamarines) The smaller the finger, the smaller the character.

If you would like to use these as a reference to better your drawings, feel free to use! That was the point of this! Also, all of these hand types can be applied to fusions as well! It all depends on the components of course! 

*Can be used for humans of course*