SOTC influences



Why I choose SOTC as one of the main musical source of inspiration for my story

The soundtrack of Shadow of the Colossus (PS2 / PS3) is melodic, enchanting and epic in my opinion, a work of fine art. Ever since I played that game back in the days some of these scores stuck in my ears forever, and they remain some of my favorite tracks among all musics, they truly represent musically all I want to do in my own work of fantasy.


Shadow of the Colossus is one of the greatest icons of action games with innovative fighting mechanics for its time. The game came on PS2 in a key era, offering a taste of experiencing an adventure you could not have anywhere else. 

Between one of the greatest artistic qualities of the game is its soundtrack composed by Ko Otani. Light and extreme at the same time, it carries you through magical environments of the game, filled with mysteries and paradisaical places to explore, these songs carry a mysterious tone, full of dreams and wanderings through splendid places with gigantic buildings, lost places, it talks to me of the forbidden, the forgotten… 

This soundtrack evokes sensations of mystery and splendor as they are key features of the game, and that is exactly what I which to achieve in my own story.. That’s why this music features so strongly in my list of inspirations…To me, fantasy is about ‘liberating the creative soul’, its all about achieving the impossible dreams and fulfilling our needs of adventure and mystery with all the freedom we lack in real life. I don’t want restrictions, this is a world of wonder that I’m creating, but it is still dark and mysterious at some places… the beauty in my opinion, the perfect balance.. is represented perfectly by this OST.

Some musics have liturgical aspect in its harmony that carries melodic chorus accompanied by the string orchestra. They range from songs calm and serene, but soon reveals itself with an interesting turn:

“In Awe of the Power”, has a rhythmic melody and somber aspect, so perfect for an encounter with an ancestral, powerful creature such as a colossus, or who knows, perhaps even a dragon? It tells a tale by itself.

Some compositions bring a more heroic look, in sync with moments of tension and speed, such as “Liberated guardian” and “A Violent Encounter”, it has almost an Egyptian feeling for some reason for me, its certainly about an adventure on far away, mysterious lands forgotten in ruins…

“Revived Power” brings a heroic, powerful and grandiose aspect, where it seems to end, in a decisive victory against some immeasurable power.

“The Opened Way” is composed of a beautiful melody and ends in suspensive harmony, Its one of my favorite scores so far, its powerful and great like no other, to me it tells a story of legends and ancient heroes and dragons, its extremely inspirational. Around 1:20 it definitely turns into a ‘dragon music’ to me, it is about some extremely dangerous creature, everlasting in its power, unfathomable.

While most scores are epic, heroic, I keep “Silence” as one of my personal favorites, its delicate and harmonic melody that shows a calm aspect, it calls to solitude and sacredness, introspection and the inherent melancholy that accompanies my imagination while creating my world. “Creeping shadow” specially from 1:50 onwards, has a beautiful, dark an mysterious tone that makes me want to create stories about the unending abyss, dark lands and forgotten realms where no mortal should thread. “Demise of the Ritual” is a perfect example of above said, also serene and a little deeper, one of my favorites

But the best parts of SOTC OST I left last… the songs that reminds me of the floating realm, the reign of the winged ones, the winds of the world.. “Counterattack” is perhaps one of the most iconic, and in my sincere opinion one of the best OST for games ever created, it carries the grandeur of the heavens and gives the impression of divinity for the similarities with musical aspects used in medieval games. Its a perfect theme for my avian people and carries a lot of meaning to me, it tells of legendary battles in the skies and winged heroes of the past

“A Despair-filled Farewell” is my absolute favorite, and not without reason. It’s not only the theme of the ‘bird boss’ of the game, Avion with a fitting name, which brings a lot of memories. It has an interesting melody, accompanied by a full orchestra and a choir, with the violin.. The start brings a tense moment, followed by a more serene song that starts at around 0:53 bringing up a heightened emotion that reminds me of flying, for me its all about the defying of the heights, the courage to jump out of the nest for the first time, the indecision, fear and tension and finally the courage to throw yourself to the winds… it is followed by the reward, the immense power and liberty that only comes with flight… the song gets more serene as a soaring bird.