Go directly to Draenor


this info has been around for a long time but since there’s so many people leveling new characters right now I thought I’d make a reminder post

if you hit level 90 and don’t want to do the Tanaan intro into Draenor, you can skip it really easily!

1) make your way to the Timeless Isle in Pandaria

2) go to the south-east side of the island near the pirate ship (waterwalking mounts are useful)

3) face the shore and dive down to find the cave underwater

4) inside the cave you’ll see a blue fire surrounded by chairs

5) sit in a chair, you can now click on the blue fire

6) ta-dah! you’ve been magically transported to Gorgrond

why does this exist? I have no idea! but now you can simply fly to where your Garrison quest chain will be starting and pick up from there, skipping Tanaan entirely