betti357: Sledge from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six…


Sledge from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege game

finished: BANDIT, DOC

fanart from my current favourite game, I used on the first pic the original concept art, and the ingame icon to make it look more realistic, and on the last two pic I made a screenshot then redraw it

I really hope one day they will make a face reveal for all of the operators

since I’m an artist and when I’m into a fandom I usually try to find fanarts around the internet, and I can see that fans of this game struggling to make pictures/fanarts because most of the operators’ face are hidden behind masks

So I plan to upload the more operators, and maybe the developers will realize what fans wants, and you can help by sharing these pics, free to share them anywhere on the internet, but at least don’t erase my name from it, I spend too many hours on one pic and there will be lots of them hehe 🙂

ojiisan01: Boop

kometanphor: I probably won’t finish inktober but I’ll do a few…

toffee-bit: Elite Skin Thatcher. I know I mostly draw female…

tb-sj: live stream 


canned-piss: i absolutely love this сука блять with all my…

alexzebol: My futile attempt at making R6: Siege Outbreak event…

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